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Top 5 of the best lightweight hiking shoes

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Participating in hiking activity is a lifetime experience accompanied with great health benefits for you. Choosing the best lightweight hiking shoes plays a significant role to ensure the entirely new level. The main problem is, many people find themselves in a dilemma when choosing the best hiking shoes.

Having this in mind, I have prepared in details all the information you need to know about lightweight hiking shoes. Coming up with the list of the best lightweight hiking shoes was not an easy task, as I had to personally gauge different types of hiking shoes practically through participating in hiking.

Reading the guide, you will learn the essential aspects you must consider when looking for the best hiking shoes. You will also get to know the different types of lightweight hiking shoes and their distinctive characteristics.

Always remember that as a hiker, you have all the power to enjoy the hiking experience or to get the worst nightmare through it. Make your decision wisely on the type of hiking shoes you choose to wear for maximum hiking experience satisfaction.


Before making the big decision to buy a pair of a hiking shoe, you must get to know the qualities that the shoe possess as well as the general nature of the hiking shoes. Apart from the shoes being lightweight, the hiking shoes must as well possess the robust characters, so that they can withstand the rough terrain especially if it is an outdoor hiking activity. Below are some great qualities a pair of hiking shoe must possess:


A right hiking shoe should have lightweight, but be sturdy enough to give you maximum protection from thorny vegetation and sharp rocks. Having lightweight hiking shoes offers extra comfort when undertaking hiking activities. One advantage of having hiking shoes is the ability to use them for more than one activity. The lightweight in the hiking shoes will enable you to go camping, engage in racing activities as well as participating in casual walks.


When hiking you require a pair of hiking shoes that offer excellent grip on the toughest terrain. Sometimes hikers find themselves caught up in bad weather situations where they do not know which way they should take. Having excellent grip hiking shoes help them maneuver all over no matter the current weather. Remember that nothing should ever stop you from enjoying your outdoor hiking experience no matter what. Always check how grippy the hiking shoes are before taking the step of purchasing them.


When choosing the best hiking shoes especially for outdoor hiking activity, always look for the waterproofing factor. I Am sure you do not want your feet to get wet at any point in the case where it rains.

Getting a hiking shoe that is waterproofing is a bit costly, and it also gets a bit heavier when it has water. Given the uniqueness to the hiking shoes makes the waterproof characteristic helps you for the longest time as well as gives you the comfort to hike during the winter season.


Breathability in the hiking shoes will make your feet feel fresh during your hiking adventure. In most cases, hiking shoes which have the waterproofing factor do not offer much breathability function to your feet. Not suggesting that all hiking shoes that are waterproofing have the same breathability factor.

Hiking during hot weather conditions will make your feet sweat a lot which can cause you to slide when hiking. To avoid this, you need to have a pair of hiking shoe that has mesh on the upper part. This way, even if you are hiking during hot weather day, your feet will always feel fresh.


When hiking, you need to be as stable as you can. For this reason, when choosing hiking shoes consider the support and stability of the shoes. For you to find these types, get the ones which have relatively low-cut shoe heel.

Having low cut hiking shoes, you almost have a guarantee that you will have high levels of stability as well as substantial support. The low cut heal hiking shoes are highly advantageous because they will not only provide high stability and support, but they also offer great comfortability and breathability when hiking.


Many people overlook this factor, but in the real sense, it plays a great deal during hiking. In cases where a shoe has a poor lacing structure, your hiking shoes will be prone to loosening during your hiking activity. This will cause many distractions mainly because you will have to stop your hiking activity to adjust the shoelaces constantly.

You will also subject your feet from getting blisters when your hiking shoes keep loosening. One aspect to observe every time when you put your hiking shoes on is that you do not make any adjustments of the shoe laces fit between the eyelets. Observing this will make your hiking shoes equally fitting across the whole foot.


Just like any other type of shoes, you wear every day; hiking shoes also require an insole. The insoles play a vital role in giving you comfort as you hike. Getting a hiking shoe that has an insole which is easy to remove and fix back is a great deal. Before purchasing a hiking shoe, it is recommended to check whether they are removable or not for easy cleaning and making adjustments of the cushions.


Many people try to match between price and the quality. In most cases, people make conclusions that higher priced products have the best quality. The big question to ask is if the same case applies to hiking shoes. Experts say that the type of hiking shoe you get regarding quality depends on how much you pay. This is to say, if you pay the high price, you will get a pair of hiking shoes that have high quality. Try always to live according to your budget. It is always advisable to start saving early for your hiking shoes so that you get the best.


There are many benefits to wear lightweights’ shoes when hiking. They include:

  • Offer comfortability when walking.

When hikers are wearing lighter shoes, they guarantee some comforts that allow them to walk for a long distance without getting tired fast.  Many of the hikers walk for long distance; therefore, there is a need to wear some lights shoes which will allow them to cover the distances with a lot of comforts.

  • Helps in Walking faster.

When wearing some light shoes, they would help boost you as a hiker and walk for long distance compared to those who are wearing heavy shoes. Hiking involves a long journey which needs a hiker to walk more quickly to complete the journey hence there is a need to ensure that they wear lights shoes. While hiking many hikers may decide to complete running with the team and also as individual whereby those with light shoes have likely chance of winning the contest compared to those wearing heavy shoes.

  • Offers the right walking supports.

Light shoes offer some excellent basis for the hikers while hiking or walking. Many of the hikers may experience a lot of tiredness, but with light shoes, they will guarantee some good foundations for the athlete.  It’s strongly advisable for the hikers to wear some lights weights shoes to facilitate some energy giving when hiking. Also, they will help the hikers to create some good stamina which will be essential for them when walking for long distance.

  • Reduces the chance of injuries.

When hiking one may get an injury take an extended period to heal. Most of the injuries which hikers get results from the types of shoes which they wear when hiking. It’s essential for the hikers to ensure they wear shoes which are lighter and comfortable to them to reduce possible injuries in the case of the hiking on steep and rocky grounds.


When choosing the best lightweight hiking shoes, you should be well conversant with the best lightweight hiking shoes available for you. Here is a list of best lightweight shoes you can wear when hiking.


The Merrell hiking shoe falls in the first category among the best lightweight hiking shoes. The mesh on the upper side of the shoe makes your feet to have free air ventilation making your feet cool all day. The waterproofing aspect in the Merrell Moab hiking shoe is a factor that you cannot turn a blind eye upon.

The waterproofing factor makes you have an easy time even when hiking during a rainy season. The outer soles of all types of shoes have a unique design that makes them maneuver in uneven surfaces, but the Merrell soles provide extra traction where you can comfortably walk on any slippery surface when you have worn them.

The insoles of these shoes will give you much comfortability which will make you hike for long distances without incidences of hurting your feet. If you are yet to decide on the type of hiking shoes to purchase, I would highly advise you to consider this Merrell Moab waterproofing hiking shoes as they fall in the category of least expensive shoes. Their relatively low prices do not in any way compromise on their quality.


  • Highly synthetic sole
  • Ample air cushion
  • TC5 outsole
  • 100% suede leather compatible and the mesh
  • 5mm lug depth for stability purposes
  • Nylon arch shank
  • The Merrell Moab 2 waterproof shoe has seen importation from another country.


  • Highly waterproof
  • The breathability function highly working
  • Provides high traction and excellent grip
  • Cost friendly as it does not cost much money


  • The Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes do not offer excellent arch support



Oboz hiking shoe is a waterproof shoe that ranks in the second place regarding the ability of the traction. The waterproof nature of the Obaz hiking shoe makes it a must for you to have this hiking shoe. You can comfortably wear the Obaz hiking shoe when taking outdoor hiking activities. The heel of this hiking shoe is incredible as it gives maximum stability.

The outsole of these hiking shoes plays a great deal when walking on an uneven surface which is slippery. The insole has ample cushion which further ensures that your comfortability when hiking is a tick. The lacing system is intact to ensure that your feet are firm enough not to cause any disturbances when hiking.

The leather material that makes up this unique shoe makes the hiking shoe to be highly durable. Additionally, the upper part covered by a mesh makes the Obaz hiking shoes have high levels of breathability because of access to fresh air in and out of the shoe.


  • Bdry waterproof membrane
  • Unique Strobel construction
  • Authentic rubber soles
  • The material of construction is mainly leather
  • Upper coverings have a breathable mesh


  • The 3D molded heel offers maximum stability
  • Upper mesh provides breathability functions
  • Outsoles provide high traction to all kinds of surfaces
  • The lacing system makes the feet to be intact with the hiking shoe at all times
  • High level of durability offered by the leather material used during the construction of this hiking shoe.


  • A bit pricey



The Adidas Terex R2 GTX is a must have shoe when undertaking outdoor hiking activity. With the plenty of cushions provided by the Adidas R GTX hiking-shoe, your comfortability will always be a guarantee.

The lacing system in this pair of hiking shoe makes you have a lot of ease when hiking because you do not have to keep adjusting your laces. The intact well-fitting laces also play a great deal in ensuring that your feet have high protection because from thorny vegetation or rocky surface. Regarding weight, Adidas stand out as one of the lightest hiking shoes you can get.

This great deal of hiking shoes is readily available at low prices which makes the shoe stand out as a must-have during your hiking activity. The uniquely made outsole makes this hiking shoe stand at a better competitive edge from other hiking shoes because it makes the shoe have an extraordinary grip on almost all kinds of the surface trail. The upper mesh makes sure that the breathability factor is maintained at high levels to add more comfort to your feet.


  • An already inbuilt rubber sole
  • Availability of upper mesh high breathability of your feet
  • The outsole has rubber making it have an extraordinary grip on all surface trails
  • The inner ole with the GTX offers extra comfort to your feet
  • availability of extra molded sock liner for comfortability purposes
  • perfect lacing system to ensure that your feet


  • High breathability function
  • In place lacing system
  • The extra cushion provides more comfort when hiking
  • Cost friendly hence making the users save a lot of money


For many years, Saucony Peregrine has stood out to be the best running shoe but it also has excellent chances of being worn as a hiking of the characteristics of the Saucony peregrine shoe is that it has a thread like design which is mostly preferred by runners.

The midsole of this shoe has ample rubber cushion which offers maximum comfort hence making this shoe to stand out a hiking shoe. The peregrine shoe is light in weight which makes it possible for you to engage in multiple activities when hiking like running.

The general construction of the peregrine shoe makes it possible for the user to maneuver over different surface trails. The lightweight factor makes it easy for runners to run long distances without getting tired quickly.


  • Plenty of rubber sole
  • Eve run top sole
  • PWRTRAC outsole
  • The thread-like design on the bottom surface


  • Offer maximum comfort because of the availability of rubber soles
  • The thread-like bottom surface makes it easier to run long distances
  • The outsole makes it possible for users to maneuver through all types of surface trails


  • Lacks waterproof limiting its use in outdoor activities



La sportive hiking shoe will provide you with the extra comfort you ever wished. With the STB control system in place, the upper part of the shoe perfectly wraps over the midsole which makes the stability of your feet while hiking o heighten as well as offering extra comfort.

The presence of the protective upper cap offers protection to the toenails which make users free from blisters while hiking. The outer sole has a Vibram mega grip which increases the stability as well as making you the user to trail over different types of surfaces. The la sportive hiking shoe is extra unique as you can use it for many purposes.

The GTX factor plays a significant role in this hiking shoe because it offers a waterproofing material to the shoe making it ideal for outdoor hiking activities. The upper part has a synthetic Gore-Tex material which makes this hiking shoe to have a long-lasting life.


  • Synthetic material
  • Low weight in nature
  • Presence of the STB system
  • Mega grip outsole


  • Ability to trail through uneven surfaces
  • The STB control system provides extra comfort and stability to the user
  • Waterproofing protection makes sure that the user enjoys outdoor hiking even on the rainy season
  • The La Sportiva hiking shoes have more than one purposes
  • The lightweight makes it possible for the user to take long-distance hikes


  • The La Sportiva hiking shoes are a bit pricey compared to other hiking shoes.

Wrapping It Up

The best lightweight hiking shoes will always make your hiking worth participating as it will offer you a lifetime experience. As we already know that hiking has different meaning among people, we ought to discover our hiking objective and make sure that we achieve the objective when hiking.

After reading the whole guide, now, you have the best ideas of what you should look for as well as the best lightweight hiking shoes you can choose from. All the above hiking shoes are good but having your primary objective for hiking, and your budget allocation will significantly play an important role in helping you to choose the best pair of a hiking shoe. Make a wise decision and enjoy your hiking experience. As said earlier, keep in mind that you have the full control of how enjoyable and memorable you want the hiking activity to be.

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