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Hiking for weight loss : Why is it the best way to lose weight?

Are you unable to lose your belly fat? Are you keen to lose your weight but don’t like exercises? Are you fed up with exercises and unable to get good results? Is your gym just making money from you? Does your health not allow you to reduce diet and are you finding a healthy replacement of it? Then must read this article to know the importance of hiking for weight loss.

Weight loss has become the first priority for a lot of people nowadays. Whether they are school going kids, college-going teenagers, office going mature adults, housewives or elderly people. All of them experience a high level of body fat at some stage of their life and it becomes a hard task for them to eradicate this extra fat. Also, this fat doesn’t let them grow without it, stays with them. Normally our elderly person gains too much weight by sitting at home. Some people gain weight due to their overeating habit. Many gain weight due to wrong postures while sitting in their offices. At some point in life, they don’t feel good to look fatty. So, they decide to burn this body fat and lose their weight.

Hiking for weight loss:

There are many methods of weight loss like through gym exercises, by walking, by running, by swimming, and by dieting. These are not good options for many people. They all require more workout and fewer results. People don’t want to go to the gym, pay them and put a lot of effort and energy to lose body fat. They are unable to run daily and many are food lovers so they can’t live on a reduced diet. Hiking is the best option for weight loss and mental health as well, it must be preferred over all other ways of weight loss because it is pretty much easy and all of the people can do it. Let’s see how hiking is prior to all of them and why hiking is the best way to weight loss?

Hiking vs walking:

Walking can be a good option for weight loss but it doesn’t involve much weight loss and have very slow effects. While in hiking a lot more calories burn as compared to walking. Walking just affects limited muscles, not all the body. Hiking regulates all the muscles of your body including your cardiovascular system.

Significantly, on the high hills, it is difficult to find the right path and balance at some places, a hiker always uses his mind to get through these hurdles. So, hiking not only maintains your body’s health but also your mental fitness. This factor is missing in walking.

Hiking vs Gym:

The highest percentage of people who want a weight loss goes to the gym and do several kinds of exercise. But it is not possible for all of the people to perform this exercise. It involves a lot of hard work and effort. That is the reason most people quit their gym within a month. Hiking doesn’t involve these kinds of exercises or hard work like in the gym.

Also, a gym fails to provide an outdoor open atmosphere. While in hiking provide an atmosphere close to nature which helps to develop inner peace. The only exercise cannot give an effective result, while inner peace and relaxation of mind are also important. An indoor atmosphere of the gym can never provide that inner peace.

Another factor that maker hiking prior to the gym is money. Gyms are just making money through the customers. If a person doesn’t want to waste money on them then hiking is the best option for weight loss because it costs no money like gyms.

Hiking vs reduced diet:

There is a fact due to which many people start dieting. The fact is that they don’t want to put any effort and just want to lose weight by lying on their bed. Because gym exercises or walking include much effort so they don’t do them. They are unable to find a way by which they have to put just a little effort so finally, they sacrifice over food. They reduce their diet to lose weight.

Actually, this is the worst decision ever because by reducing diet a person doesn’t only lose weight he also becomes weak because along with fats some essential vitamins are also skipped, which is the biggest drawback of reduced diet.

Also, some people are food lovers and it is very hard for them to reduce their diet. I would recommend that hiking is the best option for weight loss. Hiking doesn’t involve effort like other exercises and also it makes them strong instead of being weak. By hiking, the muscles are developed and a person becomes healthier.

Calories burn rate:

Here we will compare the calorie burn rate of a person while hiking with calories burn rate on other workouts.

  • A 160-pound person burns about 450 to 500 calories if he hikes continuously for one hour.
  • A 160-pound person burns about 220 to 250 calories if he walks continuously for one hour.
  • There are many gym exercises to lose weight i.e. stationary biking, vigorous riding, etc. The highest rate of calories burn in them is 350-400.
  • In diet scenario, if a person wants to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week then he should reduce 500-1000 calories a day.

This means that hiking is the best way to body loss. All the other ways are less effective than hiking. Hiking burns more calories and gives faster results if it is done with a backpack. Hence this proves, why hiking is the best way for weight loss?

Adventurous task:

Don’t think that you are going to do hiking for weight loss, you are doing it for an adventure. As we go hiking with some of our friends and we call it an adventurous thing.

Similarly, what if you never consider hiking for weight loss instead of just take an adventure? The benefit of which is that you will lose all the required weight in just a few days without noticing. You can daily go on this adventure and every time you will feel more motivated and enthusiastic, you will have more fun and burn more calories. So there is no need to do other workouts while you have the best option.

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