Black Diamond First Light Hoody – Men’s Denim Medium

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the black diamond first light hoody is a versatile jacket designed to practice all outdoor activities in all weather conditions thanks to its qualities of lightness, breathability, and insulation. This model Black Diamond First Light Hoody is a full synthetic down jacket: hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing, all activities, and all conditions can justify the use, alone or in the second layer under a waterproof hardshell. Its breathability, strength, and lightness make it a product that will delight the hands-on outdoor.

Very comfortable to wear this jacket has many strengths regarding comfort and convenience in everyday life. First of all, it’s his lightness that marks. If we add to that its flexibility, this jacket is quickly forgotten, freedom of movement in total. On the side of the inflating, it is far from the benefits of a product 100% down, but it allows in return to easily integrate the First Light Hoody in a three-layer system without creating extra thickness.
Its fitted cut finally prevents the friction during the arm swing movement. Unfortunately, the First Light Hoody has the annoying tendency to absorb the odors around it, and one quickly finds oneself to feel the frying, the smoke or the cigarette according to the environments in which one carries it. However, to overcome this problem, it passes very easily in the machine and dries quickly.

the finesse of this jacket, its lightness and the possibility of storing it in its inside pocket make it easy to transport and store. In 30 seconds you will have it in a pocket and the ring of fabric that will allow you to use a carabiner to hang it on the backpack.

We can say that the black diamond first light hoody meets the expectations and requirements of any outdoor sports practitioner. The technologies used in its manufacture have been carefully chosen and used wisely. Finally, something not always evident with the special clothes, she turns away very quickly in urban use thanks to its great sobriety.

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