Fenix Flashlights HL50 365 Lumens Headlamp, Black


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The Fenix HL50 finally offers everything I wanted in a compact, lightweight lamp and adds some extra features as a bonus. After the opinion of several users, even if it was a lamp capable of full, the HL50 is a significant improvement in several areas.

It has a very bright center. However, its real strength lies in its ability to detach from its harness. It is brilliant! For night photography, like reading light, camping light, or just a light to get comfortable, the HL50 is your tool. With the ability to pull the head strap over, on a vest or pack, set it on the counter in a blackout, etc. Would be extremely helpful. If you have not guessed it yet, I really like this lamp.
Ultra-compact design, passable submersible lamp allows you to reach new heights in your outdoor adventures. The Fenix HL50 headlamp features a 365-lumen neutral white output and the ability to use two CR123Aor AA batteries.

This is the part I did not like, I did not like the fact that if your light is on one of these modes: off, low, medium, or high and you want to switch to turbo mode, the light goes off for half a second, the power button is held down and then it stays super bright while you continue to press the button, once you release the button, it automatically resumes at the previous level: off , high, low, medium.

This half-second of darkness is about half a second too long, because there is no dedicated button to switch to turbo mode, and this is the only way to access the turbo mode. When you operate the device, you will also have to press the power button, but you have to release this one within this second of the darkness seized jumps in turbo mode, so, it becomes a thing related to synchronization if you do not react in time, you will enter turbo mode then when you release the power button it is always on and you have the opportunity to try to turn it off again. It’s not that difficult.
There is a 200-watt lamp that has a clearer center. The color of the beam is more yellowish than bluish white like an old product.

The HL50 has a nice button, which gives a satisfying sound click when you press it. A short press, it lights up and allows you to scroll through the three main modes. As mentioned before, with prolonged pressure, it turns off to enter burst mode.

When you release, the burst mode ends. In most functions are in the context of camping, you just have it anyway. So if you camp a little bit, you’ll notice that many people do not mind much less than 200 lumens and really use a lot more flashlights.
The lamp is held in place by a sturdy metal clip, and this is probably better described as a safety ring in case it acts without mowing. Fenix says that the fake “security clip” can be removed if you can use the HL50 as a keychain light. I must disagree with them here. I think it’s a little big and clumsy for this purpose.

That being said, there are many benefits to the clip, including unlimited amounts of pointing angles as opposed to predetermined angles as on most other headlights.

The ability to pop the light off the charger if you are still wearing the headband is also great. The safety ring is simply shaken from the lamp once the end cap is removed.

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