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Pocket knives or survival knives are valuable tools, so they need a careful grinding treatment.

When thinking about better knife sharpener or survival knives, you should consider performance regarding efficiency whose blade is sharpened.

The best sharpener will not scum the blade too fast because last, the blade needs to last a long time.

Also, You should consider the accuracy of the sharpening process; each knife needs a certain amount of sharpness to be effective.

Owners of pocket knives/survival love to feel the process of sharpening. This is why most of them prefer to use manual knife sharpeners for their knives.

The Lansky Blademedic Sharpener is an ultra cheap portable sharpener that can sharpen all types of outdoor knives whether with a smooth or serrated blade.

This portable pocket sharpener has 4 different sharpening characteristics, the tungsten carbide will restore your blade in 3 or 4 strokes, the ceramic will polish the blade of a finished edge in four to five strokes, the sharpener for the Sawtooth will penetrate inside even the smallest saws of your serrated blade and the diamond sharpener will help you fine refit quickly and maintain.

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