The North Face Terra 50, TNF Black/Asphalt Grey, SM/MD Price: $169.99 (as of 08/08/2022 05:55 PST- Details)


The North Face brand name is recognizable even without being an avid hiker. From clothes, tents, sleeping bags and more, it’s safe to say that their logo and reputation are familiar with most. The fact is that this store, originally a small California store open in the mid-sixties, is well known for showing quality wear, and in all of our North Face Terra 50 test we found that this bag was a perfect example.
The North Face Terra 50 backpack is designed to be thinner and lighter, making it comfortable and easy to wear and go for long hikes. With its adjustable shoulder harness, hikers can ensure a tight fit while not having to worry about any pain caused by the bag straps. Besides, an attached hip belt distributes some of the weight of their bag to their hips, as has been learned to carry all the contents on their backs. A vertical rear channel is designed to promote air circulation, while mesh padding between pockets reduces moisture.

With seven separate storage pockets, this bag holds up to forty-five kilos. These pockets include a lower compartment for storing a sleeping bag, side pockets of the waist and much more. With the seven storage sections, there are six additional loops to tackle other equipment needed for the bag for an easier travel experience.
Since the Terra 50 is made from tough nylon, it can handle hard elements and take a heavy load. Therefore, nothing in this bag will be damaged by water in any way, as long as all pockets of the bag are completely closed. The mesh padding between the pockets is an additional affirmation of the water resistance of this bag, as said padding has been specifically included to reduce moisture in the bag. That said, it was noted that the outside of this bag gets wet quickly under rainy conditions.

We believe The North Face Terra 50 Hiking Backpack is a great option for those looking for a good hiking bag. For its low price, large storage and high comfort level, this backpack seems like a smart investment. The vast majority of users we met were pleased with this bag, and we are very sure it was not just a matter of luck. The North Face has been known for many years with a positive reputation, and this product is a perfect demonstration of what they are capable of doing.